Herbs and Vegetables

Herbs and VegetablesThere is nothing quite like the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits – or vegetables – of your labor. Our selection of herbs and vegetables come with the promise of enhancing your kitchen. Whether you rely on herbs and vegetables for fresh aromas or culinary creations, our seedling plants should be part of the process. Beginning in late April, our greenhouses begin to feature hundreds of seedling herb and vegetable plants including Basil, Rosemary, Mint, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Peppers, and many more.

Prefer to cultivate your own plants? Our herbs and vegetables are perfect for you! In addition to our pre-started seedlings, we carry a wide variety of seeds from Botanical Interests, Harts Seed Company, and Livingston Seed Company. If you do not have the space to facilitate a vegetable garden, worry not. Herbs and vegetables look great grouped together in patio containers or isolated as singular plants, the perfect accent for your kitchen windowsill.

Herbs and Vegetables Herbs and Vegetables